“I Can’t Believe You Got My Son To Play Piano
With All 10 Fingers in Just One Lesson!”


And he loves the “sheet music” that he can read instantly.


This comment was from a father of a 5 year old boy who had tried working with several music teachers.  No teacher could handle the boy’s “lack of focus” and “inability to follow direction.”

Within a few weeks of lessons with me, we were playing complex two-handed pieces and even re-harmonizing some as he could so easily hear in his head.

What was the difference?

It’s a way of teaching that is wholistic, child-centered and follows natural growth principles.

Hello.  My name is Andrew Ingkavet, and I created this way of teaching over the last ten years.  I call it the Musicolor Method™, but it’s much more than just color.

What is the Musicolor Method™?

A modern music curriculum using principles of information design aligned with the stages of human development.  It's a process of teaching that makes everything easier.



Combining the latest research from the fields of human development, psychology, visual and information design, and narrative storytelling The Musicolor Method™ will allow you to teach effortlessly, attract and retain eager engaged students and make a difference in the world AND your business.

So whether you are a 30 year teaching veteran, or a complete newcomer to teaching, you will gain new perspectives and insights into teaching.

What Makes The Musicolor Method™ Different?

  • A non-traditional approach to music education
  • Piano keyboard is the foundation, then branch out from there
  • Playing first, reading taught using the proven principles of information design
  • Uses universal principles of human growth and development
  • Gives a simple 7 step framework for teaching any level
  • Incorporates solfege and singing into the learning
  • Bridges the gap to traditional reading of music on the staff
  • Uses a modern paradigm of child-centered education
  • Intuitive and able to be learned and taught by almost anyone with a minimal amount of musical experience.  
  • Able to teach pre-literate preschoolers
  • Able to teach special needs students
  • Fun!
  • Passes on vital life skills through the joy of music
  • Not a franchise - you license the materials and can use anywhere
  • Experienced teachers will get a new bag of tricks and subtle shifts that can make a big impact
  • New teachers will be given a solid framework for teaching any age group


What Can You Do With The Musicolor Method™?

As A Teacher, you can

  • Deepen the engagement and comprehension of your students
  • Increase your effectiveness as a teacher
  • Reach the pre-literate age group
  • Reach special needs students
  • Reach teens, adults and anyone who has struggled with traditional approaches to music learning
  • Run your own business as your own – you keep all the profits
  • Teach anywhere, anytime

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I can use it forever. It paid for itself as soon as I enrolled another student in my studio for 3 months. My thinking was: If I reached that student successfully using the approach, I could reach 5 more students successfully. Massive return on investment.

Brett Crudgington

Musicolor Method Teacher

As A Parent, you’re child will

  • Learn how to play piano in a fun intuitive way
  • Learn proper technique while progressing rapidly
  • Be able to “read” the music notation even though they can’t even read words yet
  • Learn to play two-handed pieces

Next Steps

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I love the system – colour coded music sheets, and how easy you make it to learn music. I also love the fact that you start off with songs that children can easily sing along with. Finally I love the fact that you adapt the teaching to the student and are playful about it.”

Aparna P.


1 - Teach Without Effort

A new way of effortless teaching using first principles natural growth, visual design, storytelling and structure.  The 7 core principles of the Musicolor Method™ all lead from one to another to give you exceptional clarity for lesson planning and teaching in general.  It will enable you to easily teach all of your students, regardless of age or ability with the right lesson at the right time.

2 - No More Lesson Plan Anxiety

The Musicolor Method™ Online Course’s 12-36 week curriculum will enable you to follow along a proven path to success.  Each lesson plan has a technical aspect “disguised as a song,” along with  the reasoning behind it as well as suggested activities/games and questions to ask your student.  You will know what to teach, when, why and how.

3 - Fun For Students + Teachers!

Nobody wants to learn music, they want to play a song!  But learning to play is much easier after learning some theory, technique and history.  So, how to do this without being an overwhelming nag and a bore?  The Musicolor Method™ Online Course has many games, activities and techniques to transfer the skills and knowledge without the tears.


4 - Attract & Retain Students!

Word spreads when you make a difference in the lives of your students.  This makes marketing a breeze and financial worry a thing of the past.

Teacher Anne Vardanega with student

Teacher Brett Crudgington with student

Teacher Andrew Ingkavet leads a multi-instrument group class

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