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It all began with my 3 year old son.

For weeks he had been asking,

“Papa, I want to learn piano.”

My wife and I figured we could wait to address that when he was a bit older.

But he kept asking.  So, one day I said,

“Okay love, I’ll start looking for a teacher for you.”

Thus began my return to teaching.

You see, I was a music teacher off and on all my life, starting as a teenager, and then going to NYU on a scholarship to be a music teacher!  But along with way, I had other adventures as a music business marketer, journalist, writer for MTV and even as an on-air VJ for MTV-Asia.  I also was a computer nerd and found myself living a parallel life as a techie, designer, and embracing desktop publishing, and then web design and animation.  I co-founded the first digital/interactive agency in Asia and then eventually rose to the VP Creative Director at a major New York advertising agency running the interactive department.

After 9/11

I awoke to the realization that I had strayed far off my path.  I began to return to music as a composer/producer/entrepreneur.

As I began researching teachers for my son, I was surprised to find that no one would accept a preschooler as a student.  They all wanted me to wait until he was 7 or 8!  It was then that I began to roll up my sleeves and return to my music education world.  I spent a full year researching methods, and pulling in ideas from my disparate worlds of information architecture, graphic design, film scoring and parenting.

A Full Studio

As I began teaching my son, his peers started to join me and before I knew it, I had a full music teaching studio with a waitlist.  I didn’t start out looking to invent a new algorithm of learning, but that’s what happened.

10 Years In Development

The Musicolor Method™ is the result of 10 years of researching, hands on trials and teaching privately to hundreds of students in my community and with fantastic results.  The actual codification and writing of the process has taken me over 2 years and is ongoing.

Key Concepts

Here are the key concepts which will help you understand how the Musicolor Method™ works:

  • There is a natural organic framework to teaching that makes transfer of knowledge as easy as possible for both student and teacher
  • Direct labelling eliminates and lowers the barriers to comprehension for beginners and young minds
  • We use color as scaffolding, a temporary structure,  to facilitate learning even with preliterate minds
  • We use a phased learning process where elements of technique, theory, listening and reading are separated

The Curriculum

The curriculum is designed to be instantaneous.  It starts with the piano keyboard.  Playing comes before reading.  By using the visual layout of the keyboard, we can aid in transferring abstract concepts quickly.  It’s effective in a group as well as in private lessons.

Training For Teachers

The first step in using the curriculum is to take the training.  We offer a comprehensive online training for music teachers who want to teach with the Musicolor Method™.  If you are interested, please enter your email below.


Andrew Ingkavet


Andrew Ingkavet

Andrew Ingkavet

Creator and Founder of the Musicolor Method™

About Andrew

Andrew Ingkavet is a highly sought after music teacher in Park Slope Brooklyn where he leads a school that has served hundreds of children in the last ten years. He has had a multi-tracked wide-angle career which includes education, marketing, design, journalism and advertising.  He was one of the first MTV-VJ’s for MTV-Asia.  Andrew has a Bachelors of Music from New York University and has completed advanced studies at Mannes College of Music, Juilliard School of Music and ASCAP Buddy Baker Film Scoring Symposium.

LinkedIn profile here.

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