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Andrew_small_cropHi I’m Andrew Ingkavet – music teacher,  parent and creator of the Musicolor Method.  Welcome!
Here you’ll find teaching ideas, tools & tips and a complete curriculum with training to help you teach children, even preliterate ones, the joy of music.

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Why Does The Musicolor Method Work So Well?

It’s a way of teaching that is wholistic, child-centered and follows natural growth principles.  Find out why both 30 year veteran teachers and new grads alike are teaching more effectively, with less stress and earning more.

How I Created the Musicolor Method

As I set out to teach music, first to my then four year old son and then his classmates, I realized I had some parameters:

  • It must not rely on words.  This is a mostly pre-literate audience.
  • It cannot involve highly abstract concepts like fractions, which are beyond comprehension at this age.
  • It must rely on direct labelling
  • Each activity must have a five minute focus time as you will lose their attention soon.
  • It needs to be as intuitive as possible.
  • It needs to account for lack of fine motor skills.  Many four year olds still have trouble holding a pencil or writing their name.

What Is The #1 Secret In Teaching Kids Music?

It may surprise you.  As a private music teacher, you want to teach music to children.  You know they love it and there seems to be a plentiful supply of them asking for your help.  Besides, lately all your adult students seem to be canceling at the last minute while your teens are more interested in their social media feeds than practicing.

Why Preschoolers Are The Best Clients For Private Music Teachers

When I began focusing on teaching music as a real business, I stumbled across a secret.  What I stumbled upon, was a virtually untapped market – preschool and early grade school students.

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